Project 1: Completion of Science Labs

Lab work is a crucial part of the holistic learning process and plays a critical role in shaping the curiosity of young minds. We undertook this project with great enthusiasm and optimism and now these science labs in school have started to transform the way our children think. This project has impacted 400+ lives and will impact thousands more in the future.

Cost of the project  INR 36 Lakhs
Supported by Hafele India, BCG, and 25+ individual donors

Project 2: Multimedia room

Our multimedia room is equipped with all the necessary equipment to enable the audio-visual learning of our students. It is also used to conduct online training of our students with trainers being located in Singapore and the US. The younger ones enjoy it the most as they get to learn with music and dance.

Cost of the project INR 8 lakhs
Supported by 40+ donors

Project 3 Ration and Books distribution during COVID-19 Pandemic

As the pandemic hit us and the government schemes were yet to reach the most vulnerable, we started our relief work and helped the community by providing them ration kits. We also supported young mothers who had given birth during the pandemic. The idea was to ensure that no one goes hungry in the community. This project supported 2000+ families during the lockdown.

Cost of the project INR 12 lakhs
Supported by 100+ donors